Nick Beal Kent wedding photography | Adam & Liam's Kent summertime wedding

Adam & Liam's Kent summertime wedding

November 13, 2017  •  2 Comments

Adam and Liam's relaxed wedding was full of smiles, happy people and plenty of sunshine. This was a relaxed wedding in the heart of Kent where everyone had a great time (me included). For once the weather played ball but that's the British weather for you, one moment its nice and and sunny the next its teaming down with rain, but not today!

Adam and Liam had their wedding day at the Grange Hotel in Maidstone, once the ceremony had finished we nipped off to the local gardens for a breather and some photos in a Land Rover (it felt more like a tank) then back to enjoy the party.

Congratulations guys!


Keith Austen(non-registered)
If these photos are a representation and time encapsulation of the wedding then it looks like it was a poignant, heartfelt, and full of emotion. The photos are some of the most artistic and diverse snapshots that I have ever seen. Every shot captures an emotion, and every shot tells it's own story. There's fun, laughter, yearning, tranquility, eagerness, happiness, pride, thoughtfulness and surprise. There is a playful eye and rainbow of colours to match. I wasn't at the wedding, but after seeing these photos it felt like I was there. :-)
Julie Stratford(non-registered)
Gorgeous photos Nick, it was a lovely day you have captured some very nice natural photos
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